Flowsafe ballast water system

The innovation Flowwater Technologies has developed is a ballast water treatment system (BWTS) that eliminates invasive species in the ballast water tank; FlowSafe. It sets itself apart from other systems by being simple to install in hard-to-fit areas and installable at sea with limited interference with the ships’ other systems. As the only system in the World it is energy and CO2 neutral.

Flowsafe a turnkey system

The Flowsafe modular electro-chlorination Ballast Water Management System provides a unique and safe solution giving greater flexibility on installation, overall reduced costs and energy consumption.

FlowSafe uses a combination of two methods of treatment  giving optimum results in a marine environment.

  1. Using a low energy frequency Sea Water Conditioning Unit on the main ballast water fill line eliminating the need for filtration.
  2. Production of concentrated sodium hypochlorite from sea water using a high capacity electro-activation.

Advantages Flowsafe

 Over the last five years Flowwater Technologies has research and developed Flowsafe that offers a range of benefits.

  • No disruption of normal ship’s procedures, especially during loading and unloading cargo
  • Not spending unnecessary time in harbours, as the ballast water treatment time becomes the bottle neck and not the loading and unloading activities
  • Increased energy consumption for the treatment, which in most systems takes place in the harbour (the FlowSafe system treats the ballast water during voyage)
  • Complicated fitting and subsequent operation due to space requirements for the existing solutions. FlowSafe is easy to fit in any competing system in both existing and new vessels.
  •  Flow Water Technologies innovation is disruptive because it is CO2 neutral and have close to zero operating costs.

Flowsafe can be described as ‘business as usual’ seen from the ship owners view, and on top of that developed an ability to use the system for reducing vessels emissions and this make the vessels able to comply with the 2020 Low Sulphur Cap


Flowsafe can be easy installed in new – and retro fit vessels due to the ease of installation and the less intrusive fitting. Especially for vessels with Framo pumps a Ballest Water Management System is hard to be retrofitted into. Flowsafe has the advantage to have a costsaving on implementation on these kind of vessels.