Cleaning your water tank should generally be limited to removing sediments, leaf litter or other material such as insects and rodents from the bottom of the tank that may have accumulated in the tank.

Bacteria carrying sediment may build up in the down pipes which means your water tank needs regular cleaning and maintenance to help prevent blockages and ensure maximum flow of clean water to your tank.

Accumulation of residues and sediments in your water tank is a major health concern and can affect the taste and odor of your drinking water and should be removed periodically.

Residues are thin films of organic materials such as biofilm and harmful bacteria that breed on the sides of the tank.

Sediments are natural deposits of minerals such as calcium that settle to the bottom of your storage tank.  Small mineral particles enter as undissolved solids as they are small enough to pass through the municipal filters. These particles gather as a sediment to the bottom of the tank.

  • In tank sterilization
  • Automatic, non-chemical sterilization to maintain a healthy tank with minimum human interaction
  • Mains or solar power electro-chlorination
  • Crack and damage repair internal and external
  • Polymer lining
  • Only high quality products used
  • Flow Water’s own products used throughout the project
  • No need to lower the water level as we only use a small portion of the water to remove the sediment
  • Water tank pump repair service offered even for severe damaged pumps
  • Our technicians are highly trained to deal with any size and type of tanks

Flow Water Water Tank Management Brochure