FWT Enigma water management system is designed to deal with the various problems a water system faces.

It is designed for waste water, heating systems, chilling systems and drinking water.

The FWT Enigma system reduces the problems associated to pipe work and equipment fouling that result in higher energy costs.

Correct treatment minimalizes maintenance and the replacement of damaged equipment.

Lime scale Build Up

  • Saves energy loss in cooling systems
  • Reduces expensive energy loss
  • Extends service life and reduces fouling


Bio-Film Formation

  • Reduces the risk of legionella
  • Reduces energy consumption in circulation systems



  • Reduces corrosion by reducing deposits
  • Reduces chlorine consumption and stabilizes pH levels in

recreational pool water and spas


Deposit fouling

  • Increases the effectiveness of solar panels
  • Keeps surfaces clean on heat exchangers
  • Keeps cooling pipe work free from deposits
  • Increased efficiency of waste water treatment systems

How it works

By passing a digital signal through the water supply before it is heated, enigma stops the calcium forming on the pipe surface. Instead the crystals form on other naturally occurring ions in the water such as zinc. These then remain in suspension, until flushed to drain.


When water is heated under normal conditions, some of the calcium present crystalizes and sticks to the nearest surface. This typically occurs in pipes, kettles or shower-heads. Ultimately, this results in limited water flow and damage.


Enigma stops scale forming and removes old scale from your system.

Flow Water Water Management Brochure