The FlowGuard Trident system for Fuel lines is a Non-magnetic field wave conditioning system that uses a series of frequencies to adjust the behavior of the Hydrocarbons in the fuel line.


Fuel oil is made of long Hydrocarbon chains, particularly Alkanes, Cycloalkanes and Aromatics which are all decomposed organic matter that contain an abundance of carbon and Hydrogen, the compounds that we are looking for to produce power in the engine. Fuel oil also contains calcium and bacteria compounds that are not good in fuel.  The reaction between the Hydrocarbons, bacteria and calcium in ships fuel create a asphalting/clumping effect which reduces the quality of the burn.

The FlowGuard Trident System uses patented and proven technology to suspend the minerals and compounds as individual atoms in the Hydrocarbons rather than allowing chains of molecules forming. It also stops bacteria and water saturating the atoms and creating a clumping effect. The oxygen in the combustion chamber now has improved access to each Hydrocarbon atom allowing it to burn cleaner.

A cleaner burn results in less unburnt fuel, more power and lower emissions and so results in a reduction in throttle position.

The results have seen a 4.2% Average Fuel Saving.

  •  Coils fit on outside of lagging – no down time
  • All pipe sizes catered for – requires 2m length of pipe for installation
  • 3 sizes of unit, small, medium and twin engines
  • 110/240v CE approved electrics
  • 20 months successful sea trials to date
  • Fuel savings between 2.7 – 7.87%
  • Average fuel savings 4.2%

Flow Water Trident Fuel Saving Brochure

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