Flow Water Detergent and Disinfection Systems


HOCL is stable, cost-effective to produce, greener than traditional chemical technologies, and can be used in multiple applications across a wide variety of industries.

HOCL has superior germicidal, biocidal, fungicidal and sporicidal properties. It can substantially reduce pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli without the use of costly toxic chemicals.

HOCL removes biofilm and effectively destroys microorganisms.

HOCL is non-toxic, no-fuming, non-synthetic, and safe for hum HYPOCHLOROUS ACID (HOCL)


Flow Water Toucan Range


The toucan range of products produces on site disinfection and cleaning liquids which are simple to use and cost effective. NO more waste chemical containers to dispose of.

Flow Water Mobile Anolyte Generators


BioCarry Mobile Anolyte Generators enable the production of anolyte in the field; anytime, anywhere. It produces a safe, non toxic and ecologicaly friendly bio-degradable alternative to the traditional cleaning and disinfecting chemicals

Flow Water Water Tank Guard


The water tank Guard Harnesses the natural mineralisation of water through the process of electrolysis which results in a safe level of disinfection with no other chemical additives.