About us

Flowwater Technologies Group Ltd is a private company established by the owners of a number of well established international companies, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and expertise in water treatment, engineering, manufacturing and the marine industry with the ambition to make a real difference in sustainable marine water treatment.

The company has offices in the UK and Cyprus with core technology components manufactured by the Group’s owners in the UK, USA and The Netherlands. Manufacturing and assembly of systems is completed in our Cyprus manufacturing facilities.


Flowwater Technologies mission is to:

  1. Manufacture, supply, support and maintain the most efficient and cost effective Ballast Water Management System available in the market.
  2. Use our knowledge and expertise to convert our existing technologies into areas that can create greater efficiencies in the movement of fluids on board vessels resulting in increased profits for the ship owner.
  3. Provide environmentally sustainable solutions for the marine industry that replace existing treatment methods that are under scrutiny of new environmental legislation.