FlowGuard Trident Fuel & Emission Reduction Systems

  • 100% New technology
  • 2.7% to 7.8% Fuel savings
  • Contributes to MRV regulation
  • Easy installation
  • ROI within months
  • No additives or magnets
  • Extensive sea trials

FlowSafe Ballast Water Management System

  • Compact modular design
  • Flexible installation ( no dry-dock)
  • Exceeds USCG standards
  • Low energy consumption
  • No filters needed
  • Suitable for freshwater operation
  • Easy to operate

On-site electro-chlorination equipment of all sizes

A range of products that produces onsite disinfectants and surfactant, based on electrolysis of water and salt.

Innovative Polymer Repair

Innovative repair systems for fluid operations of all kinds

FlowWater Water Conditioning & Management

  • Calcium control in Boilers
  • Longer life for capital equipment
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Large energy and water savings
  • Protects the entire water system
  • Reduces need for chemicals
  • Reduces bacteria levels

 “Welcome to Flow Water Technologies Group”


Flow Water Technologies are an international company specialising in highly efficient and innovative water management, water treatment and fluid management systems for all aspects of the Marine industry and extensive land-based operations.

Our corporate knowledge is drawn from a wealth of experience from leaders in their field of expertise who have worked together for many years before forming Flow Water Technologies Group in 2012. Located in UK, Cyprus, Netherlands and the USA our hands on experience of varied water conditions and situations have allowed us to develop products that provide global solutions.

From a simple domestic system to a Ballast Water management System for the world’s largest ship Flow Water technologies have considered a solution to meet your needs.

Flow Water technologies provides efficient, economic and proven solutions that meet current and future legislations in our changing world.

FlowGuard Trident Fuel & Emissions reductions systems

The FlowGuard Trident system for Fuel lines is a Non-magnetic field wave conditioning system that uses a series of frequencies to adjust the behavior of the Hydrocarbons in the fuel line.

The use of a FlowGuard Trident results in a cleaner burn and therefore less unburnt fuel, more power and lower emissions.

FlowSafe Ballast Water Management Systems

The FlowSafe modular electro-chlorination BallastWater Management System provides a unique and safe solution giving greater flexibility on installation, overall reduced costs and energy consumption.

FlowSafe utilizes an modular approach to size the needed equipment. By doing this the FlowSafe equipment will basically fit on all vessels, including the small and difficult to fit vessels!